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About 5% of American men have issues with total erectile dysfunction (ED) by the age of 40, with many more affected by the condition as they age. At Dr. G’s Weight Loss & Wellness in Doral, Florida, the compassionate medical team offers nonsurgical solutions to treat ED effectively. In-office treatments using the innovative GAINSWave® technology can give you long-term relief of ED and restore the quality of your sex life. For a discreet consultation, call the Doral office or use the online booking feature to schedule an appointment today.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Q & A

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a common condition, affecting men of all ages and interfering with their ability to get or maintain an erection sufficient enough for sex.

The process of an erection is rather complex and involves support from your brain, muscles, nerves, and hormones. Healthy erections and overall penis health also need good blood circulation.

In many cases, ED is the result of poor circulation. The condition may also occur due to underlying medical issues, such as cardiovascular disease.

What Treatment Options are Available for Erectile Dysfunction?

Because of the complexities of erectile dysfunction, a full evaluation of your overall health is important for determining the best course of treatment.

Healthy erections are not only influenced by your physical health, but also your emotional and mental health. Your Dr. G’s provider can evaluate your medical history and current health to identify the right treatment option or refer you to a specialist.

If ED is the result of poor circulation, you may benefit from the nonsurgical treatment of GAINSWave.

What is GAINSWave?

GAINSWave is a noninvasive, drug-free therapy that addresses the root cause of erectile dysfunction. GAINSWave uses low-level shock waves of energy to stimulate increased blood circulation in the penis.

This improvement in circulation helps to restore penis functionality, helping you get and maintain better erections. Some people also find that they benefit from enhanced sexual sensations after treatment.

How Does GAINSWave Technology Differ from Other ED Treatments?

Many other treatment options available for ED include surgery that requires downtime or medications that can cause side effects.

Additionally, GAINSWave shock wave technology can improve blood circulation in men who don’t have issues with ED but still want to maintain good reproductive health.

How Many GAINSWave Treatments Will I Need?

Your Dr. G’s provider customizes your treatment plan based on your specific needs. In general, you can expect to receive six or more treatments to improve your blood circulation and help you achieve optimal results.

Once you complete treatment, you can expect to see long-lasting results. Many people enjoy 2-3 years of enhanced erectile functionality before needing maintenance treatments.

To find out if erectile dysfunction treatment with GAINSWave is right for you, schedule an appointment online or by phone.